Thanks for visiting Green Thread. Marcia Bartczak, MD, HTR is registered by The American Horticultural Association(AHTA) to practice HT. She has completed her studies with the Horticultural Therapy Institute (, which is accredited by the AHTA ( She practices in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Marcia’s experience in health care and HT makes her uniquely qualified to plan and implement therapeutic gardens and HT programs in health care facilities.

In 2016, Marcia completed an post-graduate internship program at Skyland Trail Psychiatric Facility in Atlanta, Georgia. She was a member of the adjunctive therapy team and collaborated with other therapeutic modalities, such as, recreational, horticultural, art, and music therapy. Marcia worked closely with psychotherapists, psychiatrists, volunteers, and other interns.

As an HT intern, Marcia was responsible for planning and leading several HT groups per week. Each session is carefully planned and tailored to the participants. Goals and objectives of each HT session may include improving self-esteem, socialization, practicing mindfulness skills, and vocational skills.

Marcia is committed to introducing new clients to the benefits of HT in hospitals, hospices, vocational schools, and in-patient facilities. Additionally, she is trained to collaborate with the treatment and recovery plans of clients of all ages with mental illness, cancer, physical and emotional special needs, and chronic illness.