What Green Thread Offers

Private and Group Sessions:

  • All sessions are conducted at the client’s home or facility

  • Aging and dementia-focused HT Programs

  • Programs targeted at children and young adults in the autism spectrum

  • Create HT groups for cancer survivors

  • Establish accessible gardens in schools for all kids

  • Establish gardening groups for caregivers and siblings

  • Summer Camp Programs

  • Group sessions dedicated to Veterans

HT Program Planning and Therapeutic Garden Design:

  • Healthcare facilities such as assisted living, hospitals, hospices, and rehabilitation centers

  • Schools: all ages, private and public

  •  Vocational Programs

  • Women’s Shelters

HT has the potential to change lives, create healthier habits, improve learning, strenghthen social bonds, and increase outdoor physical activity. The advantages of HT services are: 

  • Participants with any skill level, diverse health issues, and age

  • Flexibility, versatility and ease of implementation

  • Professionally conducted and client-centered sessions

  • Familiar and meaningful activities

  • Measurable goals and objectives