“Horticulture is the art and science of growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and shrubs resulting in the development of the minds and emotions of individuals, the enrichment and health of communities, and the integration of the garden in the breath of modern civilization.”

Dr. Diane Relf, Virginia Tech

"Biophilia is the innate emotional affiliation of human beings with other living organisms.”

E.O. Wilson

“Horticultural Therapy is a professionally conducted, client-centered treatment modality that utilizes horticulture activities to meet specific therapeutic or rehabilitative goals of its participants. The focus is to maximize social, cognitive, physical and/or psychological functioning and /or to enhance general health and wellness.” 

Haller and Kramer

Benefits of Horticultural Therapy

Nature offers many metaphors that increase patients’ understanding and acceptance of life’s cycles, healing, and recovery.

Tangible and meaningful activities, that are versatile and easy to implement in indoor or outdoor sites.

Cognitive, emotional, and social benefits; catalyst for positive changes in human growth and wellness.

The Science of HT

Plant-People Relationship: Researchers from many different areas study the effect that plants have on human well-being and improved quality of life. Research focuses on the psychological, sociological, physiological, economic, and environmental effects of plants on people.

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